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Blind by Abdullah Mahmoud - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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What is Blind?

Blind is a simple technique you can use with a borrowed deck of cards to inflict maximum damage on your spectators brains!

What does blind look like?

All you are seen to do is to spread through a deck of cards, when the spectator says stop you split the deck at that point and the spectator commits the card stopped at to memory, the spread is closed and this is all done with your head turned away. Instantly you can name the selected card AND show that it has now vanished from the deck.

How easy is Blind?

Blind is easy to do however it is a technique so it will take you a short while to get it down, it will easily be able to be picked up by an intermediate card worker. The key thing about this technique is that once you have it you WILL use it.

Is Blind impromptu?

Of course it is 100% impromptu and requires NO GIMMICK.

What is taught on the Blind download?

The basic Blind technique is obviously covered but then many applications for using this technique as an aid to a trick, for example one application is that a card is selected using the Blind technique. Another card is named, say the Seven of Spades. You wave over the Seven of Spades and it turns into the spectator's selected card, this is just one application. Of course, this is a technique so you will be able to add it to your own repertoire of moves and sleights to use at any time with any deck. You also are not limited to one card. You can also use this method with several cards.



"Fooled me! Not only is BLIND a powerful effect, but the method will open up the door to many other powerful effects!Become better with BLIND!" Robert Smith 

"You'll love the secret behind this! It has so much potential for so many effects. I started using it the moment I saw it." - Menny Lindenfeld

"This is a very versatile idea with many possibilities and really great applications. I think it looks fantastic" Spidey 

"Simple... effective... strong!" Fraser Parker 

"That's cool ! if it's really a borrowed deck, without gimmick, I have no idea how it works ! Congrats !" Julien Losa 

"Abdullah has come up with a great utility move that is hard to believe that none else has come up with this before." - Titanas 

"I've just added Blind to my arsenal of techniques I use to devastate people with a borrowed deck. This is fresh!" Ran Pink 

"Blind by Abdullah is brilliant and oh so sneaky. I love it!" Matt Johnson