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Bill Plots - By Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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A new book full of practical plots for the classic bill switch. 

The transformation of a borrowed bill is one of the strongest effects in magic. It has been a featured part in the acts of top magicians all over the world.

It is so strong it is among one of the few close up effects to be featured by David Copperfield on national television.

It involves legal tender which has GREAT inherent interest to an audience.

Because the classic bill switch is performed at chest level it can be seen by a much larger audience.

The props pack flat and can be carried in any pocket or wallet.

For all the above reasons, and many more, I have featured dozens of bill switch routines in my close up and stand up performances over the years.

Over six years ago I was contacted to contribute some of my ideas for the book SWITCH 'Unfolding The $100 Bill Change' by John Lovick. This book features contributions from more than 70 magicians in 11 countries. I contributed two of my routines for the book and they have received high praise.

Here's a secret....

I held back the best stuff!!!

BILL PLOTS features all of my ideas, routines, management, presentations, bits, and gags I have created over the years in regard to the bill switch.

I do not teach the classic switch. As long as you know ANY bill switch this book will be of great value to you. You will learn some crazy routines and new plots.


There are 19 EFFECTS TOTAL!!!

Here is a list of the effects:

Tic-Tac Bill

Transform a borrowed bill and produce a handfull of candy all in the blink of an eye!

Orange Silkworm Ala vernon

The perfect effect for the new orange tinted ten-dollar bills performed Vernon Style.

Hey Kool-Aid

Not only an amazing bill transformation but a refreshing treat!


This one is so visual people will think they are watching trick photography.

Foreign Change

An off beat effect where U.S. bill transforms into foreign currency one piece at a time.

Signature Appearence

This is one of my favorites. A special message appears on the bill while in THEIR OWN HANDS!!!


A plot that makes sense that everyone can relate to involving an unusual object.

Old Bill

Cause a bill to travel through time from the 1920's, to the 1970's, and then to 2007!

Reality Check

Cash a chech WITH change to spare. This one includes some flashy eye candy.

Hot Fingers

You can bend a coin but can you cause a bill to smoke and burn with your fingertips? You can now.

My Ticket

A funny transformation that will draw laughter and amazement.

Cellophane Gag

A hillarious gag you'll always carry with you.

George Washington's Beer Recipe

Did you know Washington brewed his own beer? Here...have a sip!

George Was a Hippie

Pluck out pieces of Georges hair!

Smoking George

A lit cigarette vanishes inside a dollar-bill and appears smoking in between George's lips.

White Wash

We've all had money go through the laundry. Here is an amazing example of what to do when it happens.

Beach Bill

Transport to an exotic paradise and bring their money AND the beach back with you.

Split 'n' Switch

A sneaky and magical way to get around the problem of changing someone's dollar into a hundred.

I will also share with you what I believe to be THE BEST way to get into the bill switch. Ever fumble around in your pocket to get the bill into position? Not any more. This tip is worth the price of the book in my opinion.



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