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Behind The Magic - By Mark Daniel - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"When it comes to getting the job and getting the job done, Mark is the UK's answer to David Kaye. Highly recommended!" - MARK JAMES - INTERNATIONAL COMEDY MAGICIAN & LECTURER

'...the advice applies to many fields of magic, in fact any situation where the promotion and professional approach is required.' MIKE KEECH - PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINER

Imagine being able to 'shadow' a professional working childrens entertainer, through the whole process of his show!  Learn all the 'little details' never taught in magic books, filled with tricks techniques. The REAL secrets of magic, are how to put together a show, how to promote it, how to confirm a booking and complete a contract! Mark lets you in an his tried and tested knowledge, until now, only learn't through trial and error.

An alternative look at the world of childrens entertainment, covering topics from costumes and crowd control, to maximising after-show sales, sound equiptment and backdrops


Invaluable real world advice for anyone thinking of becoming a childrens magic entertainer



Arriving at the show

Using a costume

Ideal packages to offer

Sound Equiptment advice

Boxes Banners and backdrops

Offering discounts and Charity gigs

How to confirm a booking

Using social networking right

Promoting yourself

Suggested party games, dances and prizes

How to use Add-ons

How to end the show properly

Ideal Show content

Grabbing and keeping their attention

Sample flyer and advert ideas for your show

How, What and Where to sell at your show

Useful contacts and resources

Template Party bag advert

Sample Promotional Leaflet

Party Tips Flyer for your clients

Sample Contract Terms and Conditions for you to use




PDF ebook suitable for PC, Mac, Kindle, iPhone and iPad

34 pages