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Beautiful Moves (2 DVD set) by Michael Boden - DVD



Beautiful Moves
by Michael Boden

Michael Boden is one of magic's best kept hidden secrets, until now! Anyone who has checked out Michael's FREE Downloads at Hocus Pocus will know that his thinking usually takes the road less traveled, making his effects unexplainably magical yet easy to do.

BEAUTIFUL MOVES, a 2-disc DVD set, offers almost two full hours of one on one time with Michael in a show and tell workshop format, where Michael shares with you two BEAUTIFUL MOVES or sleights that are responsible for six wonderful effects. Michael teaches these two BEAUTIFUL MOVES in such depth that there is a take a break intermission. (just sit back and relax here as Michael shares a few clever magical tips and ideas.) Don't forget to check out the two bonus effects or you will miss the best secrets of all, plus a special quest performance of Troy Hooser!


On disc one be prepared to learn a move so beautifully natural in appearance and easy to execute, that you will find many uses for it immediately. The three effects below are all accomplished with this same beautiful move yet they look so totally different, showcasing this moves true versatility. Michael also shares with you four variations of this beautiful move, with each variation opening up yet another door of magical possibilities for you.
  • Who Clipped My Sandwich - Who Clipped My Sandwich is an isolated sandwich effect that will even have the magicians scratching their heads, as their brains finally seize up looking for a solution. Two jokers are paper clipped together and are passed around for examination before they are isolated away from the rest of the deck, by placing them in your pocket. A spectator freely selects a card from the deck and signs it. The spectators signed card is then lost back into the deck and now the magic is about to happen . . .to late . . .it already did!! Check it out!!. . .The paper clipped jokers are removed from your pocket. . .the paperclip removed. . .and as the jokers are slowly spread apart. . . there is now a face down card sandwiched in between the two face up jokers, but not just any card. . .it's the spectators signed card!!!
  • Write On - Write On is a prediction effect that is so squeaky clean in method and directness that it will become you one of your all time favorite think of any card effects. An unknown face down prediction card is shown and then placed in your shirt pocket. Even though the spectator can think. . .of any card. . .the prediction card is removed from you pocket and it's 100% write on, every single time!!! (This effect even has two variations and each is equal in effectiveness.)
  • The Informer - The Informer is the perfect stand by effect that is always ready to be performed within your existing card routines. Imagine removing an unknown card from the deck and holding it up to your ear, claiming that this card is the informer and it will actually tell you everything you need to know about any card that the spectator will select. The informer card is then placed in your pocket and then the spectator freely selects a card from the deck, signs it, and then writes a secret number form 1 to 100 on the cards face. The spectators signed card is shuffled back into the deck and the deck is then placed back into its card case. The informer card is removed from the your pocket and is held up to your ear as you pretend to listen. Slowly the informer card reveals to you the color, suite and value of the spectators selection! Even the spectators secret number is revealed! Then the unexpected happens, the informer card is slowly turned around revealing that not only does the informer know all and see all. It is all, because now the informer card is the spectators signed card!!
  • Intermission - Before moving on to another beautiful move on disc #2 it's time to take a break and pick up a few tips and ideas that will give some of your old sleights a new look and a new feel. Michael shares with you his secret thoughts behind Rough and Smooth /Best Hand Cream /The French Revolution / Side Slip Cover and The Little Side Steal

On disc #2 of BEAUTIFUL MOVES be prepared to learn a move or sleight that many magicians have tried to make invisible but couldn't because it was either beyond their skill or their comfort level. Now you can perform all of the classic effects that this beautiful move is responsible for. Card In The Balloon, Card In The Shoe and more is now made user friendly with more effectiveness and less practice.
  • Card In The Shoe - This version of Signed Card In The Shoe will leave the room in unexplainable silence as everyone is left in amazement of what they have just seen. The spectators signed card instantly vanishes from the deck and is amazingly found by dumping it out of your left shoe!! The only way to break up the dead silence of amazement is to end the effect with its built in comedy ending. You will love how much easier and how much more unexplainable this version of Card In The Shoe will be for you to perform.
  • Card In The Balloon - The Signed Card In The Balloon is a classic of magic that has now had an easy to do face-lift. Now it's easier than ever to make the spectators signed card vanish from the deck and appear inside a previously inflated balloon, no matter how close they watch or how close up they are. Not only do they see their card bursting out of the balloon, they also hear it inside the balloon before you pop it. Performing this virtually angle proof classic close up and personal, will put the fun back into your performance.
  • Identity Theft - Identity theft in the real world is always a never ending topic of interest in the news, which is why this effect will always hold the spectators personal interest and will never become out dated. On the table is a sharpie marker with an unknown red backed card (folded into fourths) clipped under the markers cap. The spectator selects a card from the magician's blue backed deck and signs it with their name and a made up 4 digit pin number to a made up bank account. After the spectator's signed card is lost back into the deck, the red backed card which is still clipped to the sharpie and has never been out of sight the whole time, is slowly unfolded to reveal that you have stolen their personal signature and their secret bank account pin number, because now the red back card has their actual signature and pin number on it, proving you have magically stolen their identity!
  • Bonus Effect: Find The Joker - How much would you pay $$$ for a gimmick that does not have to be stolen, hidden or secretly disposed of, that will make producing (out of nowhere) a jumbo 3 inch coin easy and amazing? This gimmick is just one reason for learning Find The Joker. What's the other reason? How about that against incredible odds the spectator finds the one and only joker in the entire deck, making them a big winner! Now you can when you perform Find The Joker (sounds like a cue to produce a jumbo coin).
  • Bonus Effect: Fan-See Coin Production (Guest Performance by Troy Hooser) - Fan-See Coin Production's secret has been kept deep underground for about 3 years. I am proud to finally release this effect with the magic community. After shuffling and fanning your deck of cards, a coin suddenly appears perched at the top of the card fan! The coin is removed and pocketed as a second coin makes its appearance! Take that coin away and another and another appears! Producing coin after coin is easy with Fan-See Coin Production. After you watch the quest performance of Troy Hooser performing this unique effect, you will want to make one for yourself and use it, as the perfect way to interface your card and coin routines.
"Michael's smooth and elegant card work will fool you and your audience badly. I'm already putting at least 3 of these routines in my restaurant magic repertoire."
-- Mike Giusti

Disc One Running Time Approximately 57min
Disc Two Running Time Approximately 69min