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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Basic Chip Tricks Made Easy - Ian Kendall






Everyone who is not a total beginner in magic has brought one... Flashy box, MTV quality special effects and probably featuring only one effect, that could have easily been sold for a third of the price! ( Hell, we all know of companies that have built thier whole reputation out of repackaging magic and selling it to kids) BUT....

Have you ever just wished, you could skip past all that, and find an expert, who would sit down with you, cut out all the 'hype' and teach you the REAL WORK in magic. The Merchant of Magic has found the guy! His name is Ian Kendall, and his range of magic tuition tools, have been a worldwide hit with the underground magic community!

There are some moves that are far easier to be taught than to try to learn by yourself. Those fun looking sleights that you have always meant to work on, but were put off by the seventeen pages of instructions, sixty three line drawings and nine hours of practice a day that were required to iron out all the wee glitches. It's a daunting prospect.

BCT teaches many of the poker chip flourishes that are so popular nowadays. Ian was one of the pioneers of the burdgening Chip Trick scene, and here he applies his teaching skill to putting the moves in the reach of everyone.