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Bammo Card Walloper 2.0 Self Sorting Playing Cards - Card Magic Tricks





 A mixed up deck of playing cards

instantly sorts itself!


Card magic tricks don't come with more wallop than this!  A deck of playing cards is taken out of it's card case, totally shuffled, and the spectators are shown they are really mixed up.

Half the deck of playing cards is turned face up and the other half is turned face down. The two halves are then mixed together.

The deck of playing cards is seen to be a chaotic mess of face-up and face-down cards, suits, and values.

Once squared, then spread on a table or surface, the deck of playing cards is instandly sorted, not just by suit, but by the cards values as well!

Suitable for complete beginners, the Bammo Card Walloper makes you look like an expert at card magic tricks, without any effort.