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B-O-X-! - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Cameron Francis




"I Love B-O-X-!" -- Stephen Tucker



The classic assembly just got stranger!





The four Kings are produced from the deck in a flashy manner. Three of the Kings are placed in a face-down row on the table. The King of Diamonds, the Leader King, is placed face-up under the row of three, creating a “T” formation.


The magician places three face-down indifferent cards on top of the face-up Leader King and then places three face-up cards on each of the face-down Kings. The first King  vanishes from its packet and appears in the Leader packet. The second King vanishes and reappears in the Leader packet. There are now three face-up Kings and one face- down card in the Leader packet. The third King vanishes. The face-down card in the Leader packet is snapped over... it is not a King. Instead, it is a blank card with an exclamation point drawn on its face. “Perhaps the Kings are trying to tell us something,” says the magician. He turns over the three Kings in the Leader packet. There is a letter drawn on each of their backs. He lays the three face-down Kings in row next to the exclamation point card to spell “BOX!” The spectator opens the card box and removes the only card in it: the final King!



Bonus, impromptu effect included! 






The magician displays four Aces and some indifferent cards. Three Aces are placed face-down on the table. The Ace of Spades is place face-up under the row, creating a “T” formation. 


Three face-down cards are placed on top of each Ace. The magician picks up the Leader packet a waves it over one of the piles. The pile is turned over. The Ace has vanished. When the Magician spreads the leader packet, one Ace is seen to have joined the Ace of Spades. He waves the leader packet over the second pile of cards. Once again, the Ace vanishes from the pile and reappears in the leader packet. The magician waves the packet over the final pile. He turns the cards over. The Ace has vanished. The magician says, “Which means in my hand, I now have the four...” He turns the leader packet over. He is now holding the four Kings! The Kings are placed onto the deck. The deck is spread. Face-up in the center of the face-down pack are the four Aces!





TYPE:  PDF Ebook for Mac and PC - 15 Pages With Full Colour Photos

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 2 (Basic sleights)

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