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Audiokinesis by Hoang Doan Minh & Artisan Coin (Dollar)



"I'm excited to see your magic being released, it's fun and magical, and very clever."
- Curtis Kam

"Hoang adds an extra layer of magic to your current repertoire. It's a devious effect that you can definitely rely on and carry with you everywhere you go."
- Zee J. Yan

"I got totally fooled by this when I watched the trailer, and I have already started thinking how to add this to my own routine."
- Jeffrey Wang

"Hoang brings new life to classic routines with his unique style. His manipulation of sound fools the ears and his smooth technique fools the eyes. Beautiful work!"
- Rick Holcombe

"Clever, simple, devious. I love it!"
- Henry Harrius

"Hoang has developed a practical and deceptive method for adding an audio element to coin routines. It's a clever way to engage your audience's senses in an out-of-the-box way."
- Ben Seidman


On one day at the end of July, we found a new video in Coin Magicians, the most active coin magic group on Facebook, having an incredibly high amount of likes and comments.

Curtis Kam, one of the best coin magicians in the world, also commented below: "That was fun, and magical."

It intrigued us to watch the video.

In the video, we saw a person lift his left hand and produce a coin out of the air in a conventional way, and at this point, we were thinking, "That's it?"

Immediately, he moved this coin to a certain location in the air and tapped with it. Ding, ding, ding... Along with his tapping action, there was a coin-clicking sound out of thin air! Then he produced another coin at the location of tapping...

Sleight of hand? His hand was completely open...

Gimmick? He was wearing short sleeves...

Hidden in the clothes? The clothes didn't move at all...

Using coins to produce a fake sound is nothing new, but it's the first time that it can be done so cleanly and realistically.

The person who uploaded the video is Hoang Doan Minh. From his subsequent videos, we saw more ideas and details. After some communication with him, we hit it off.

After months of remote collaboration across the hemisphere, we are now ready to present - Audiokinesis.

What is Audiokinesis?

As one of the most varied types of close-up magic, coin magic can fool not only our eyes but also our auditory senses.

In Audiokinesis, we introduce one of the best fake sound ideas ever created: The Bing Sound. This method, invented by Binh Nguyen and developed by Hoang Doan Minh, creates a "bing" sound effect with a single coin as if it were tapping an invisible coin in the air. It has endless possibilities and gives the audience an unforgettable magical moment.

Developed by Hoang, Audiokinesis is a system based on the Bing Sound. It consists of three structured and interesting routines. It's a practical and clever tool that can be adapted to your coin routines to add a layer of sound.

Audiokinesis comes with a physical gimmick and a detailed online tutorial by Hoang. In the tutorial, Hoang teaches you from the basic move to three full routines, which have been approved by many coin magicians. These three routines do not require any gaff coins.

If you want something special for your coin magic and to leave a strong impression, you won't want to miss this.

Three Routines

Ant-Man and the Ghost

Present the plot of "Ant-Man and the Wasp" with a silver coin and a copper coin. Bing Sound enhances each step, making it feel like a sci-fi plot brought to life. The climax ending fits the theme perfectly.

Hoang Coin Across

Produce three coins from the air one at a time in Hoang's unique style, and they travel from one hand to another one by one. This routine is full of subtleties.

Invisible Visible

Produce and vanish three coins one by one. With an extra dimension of sound, the appearance and disappearance of coins will be even more deceptive.

Gaff coins are not required to perform these three routines.

  • Clean and sleeveless fake sound effect that can be adapted to your own coin routines;
  • Three interesting and structured routines utilizing the bing sound, no gaff coins required;
  • Half-dollar size and dollar size gimmick available;
  • Can be easily carried around with a coin purse;
  • Tutorial approximate runtime: 58 minutes;
  • Skill level: advanced.
Notes: The size of the gimmick depends on the coin you use. Coins are not included, so you need to have ordinary coins of the corresponding size.