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At the Table Live Lecture October-December 2015 (6 DVD set)

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We've got over 15 hours of magic in this brand new At The Table Experience Box set! From Mentalism to Busking, Close-up to Stage, we've got magic for absolutely every occasion!

We kick it off with none other than the busking master himself, Bobby Maverick! Learn how to tackle any crowd in any situation as Bobby takes us through his tricks of the trade. Then, we get a rare glimpse in to the mind of the man who's created countless effects including the rising card Sketchpad, Mr. Martin Lewis himself as he teaches us over a dozen practical, close-up effects including a color changing pen, a torn and restored napkin which was performed by Copperfield and much, much more!

From creator to worker and straight from the Magic-Estate, Anton James teaches us some unreleased mentalism effects, including his "Tossed out Total" as well as his "go-to" effects which will entertain any size crowd! Andi Gladwin (co-owner of Vanishing inc.) also delivers a jam packed lecture where he delves in to his favorite close up effects and tools such as his famous Master Push-Off system and his "Magic Squared" routine!

Be prepared as we welcome two of magic's finest ambassadors, Marcello Insua and Woody Aragon! First off, founder of Tango Magic, Marcello Insua will teach you THREE Any Card At Any Number routines as well as an invisible deck without gimmicks and a ton more! With over 200 lectures under his belt, you can expect time-tested routines, from coins to cards to mentalism.

Next, he is quite possibly one of the best card magicians alive, but judging by his generosity and willingness to share his most precious secrets, you would never know. All the way from Spain, we welcome the one and only Woody Aragon. Woody will dive in to his lovable character and not only delight you but teach you some of the strongest close-up magic available, including false shuffles, vanishing cards and an effect that fooled Greg Wilson!