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As Brass - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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Welcome to “ As brass”. This is a revised copy of Alan's 2009/2010 lecture notes that have been updated to take out all the little bugs and nuances to leave nothing but the boldest and strongest magic that you can carry on you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The original manuscript sold out every single time alan lectured and many have asked that he released a downloadable version so they could get their hands on the material.

The download includes:

  • Bodies in flight: Alan's handling of the ring flight plot, hailed as one of the best out there.
  • Misery Business: The card to impossible location that will leave them stumped.
  • Full metal Jacket: A direct piece of metal bending that happens in their own hands.
  • Ace Wave: One of the most direct un gimmicked Brain wave style routines out there.
  • Chipped: A torn and restored bank card that looks like real magic.

One of the biggest magic creators brings you a collection of effects that use everyday objects that will arouse zero suspicion and bring you ultimate impact. Combining unique and bold methods with straight and direct plots to create practical effects.

Two of these effects alone have been head hunted by some of the biggest magic production companies and urged by many to be kept underground. Now, the creator of one of the biggest selling effects of all time, enlightens you once again.


Come Underground.


"One of the greatest modern minds in magic grace us with a collection of stunning effects and inspirational thinking. He can not and will not be stopped!" - Jamie Daws


Video Download; 1 hour long; 200MB

MP4 format compatible with Quicktime and VLC Media player.

Both are free and easy to find via Google.




Review by Ollie Mealing

The Magic Review Blog


I see Alan as Scotland's answer to Calen Morelli, a young creative chap who probably does churn out an idea for every day of the year.

Here we have a wee bundle of go-to tricks, taken from Alan's 'on person at all time' repertoire, suffice to say these only consume a wee bit of pocket space - sorry, I shall stop trying to sound Scottish! Alan is a thorough teacher and a dab-hand with the camcorder - this isn't a 1080 HD production with flashy title menus and funky music, but it's coherent and gets the job done! Music would have been nice though.. I'm joking!

Prepare to be armed with lethal weapons - which you can carry on your person legally!

'Bodies in Flight' is a nifty borrowed ring to necklace routine, crazy cool concept, easy peasy handling, thumbs up!

'Misery Business' is a signed card to impossible location effect, nice theory but I'm not a fan of carrying additional props or sacrificing cards, this is a great method though with some useful self-serving presentational ploys.

'Full Metal Jacket' is a bottle cap bend, I think I need to see this to appreciate the audience impact - better still I'll try it out, shall let you know how it goes on the 'MRB' Facebook page. Again, a streamlined method and uses a conventional item so worth learning.

'Ace wave' is an ultimate prediction effect, spec names an ace which turns out to be the only face up card in a tabled packet, the ace is shown to also have a different back and if that wasn't enough for the already weak at the knees audience, you reveal that the other three cards are jokers - call 999! I love these type of tricks, your covered for all scenarios which for a laymen makes this impossible to backtrack. To avoid having to carry extra cards I'm going to use queens instead of jokers, I'll miss out on the back design phase but the remaining two are still so strong that you'll get away labelling yourself as the devils right hand man - and that folks is cool!

Finally were introduced to 'Chipped', a visual removed and restored credit card chip trick. If we learn one thing from this effect, it's don't give Alan your credit card! Seriously though this cool 'Dynamo' magic with a canny method, thumbs up!

Overall this is a decent set of notes at a wee price. Recommended.