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Arthur by Chris Wiehl



"How the hell does that happen Chris? What are you, Satan's Spawn? Fooled!"
- Jack Carpenter


Arthur: A magic trick 914 years in the making...


The story of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone has been passed down, translated, and presented in thousands of ways for almost a thousand years. A story of power, destiny, and magic that has withheld the test of time. The story is simple, but the implications are grand. Christopher Wiehl has taken inspiration from this timeless story and has created one of his strongest effects yet.

Have a card selected by a spectator, while the rest of the deck is placed into the box. The chosen card is then replaced, only half way into the deck, much like King Arthur's sword in the stone. Like the tale, the card is now held by the deck, which is now as solid as a rock.

The spectator holds the card, and as the story goes, tries to pull the card from the grips of the deck, only to find out that the entire deck is now solid, and simply hanging in mid-air by the one chosen card. With a gentle wave, the sorcerer releases the bonds of the solid deck, and the card releases along with every other card that has now become, fully restored and freely spreadable as if nothing ever happened.

It's a beautiful, timeless and inspiring as the story of "The Sword in the Stone", now cleverly infused into a fantastic piece of magic that you can easily perform anywhere, anytime.

Arthur In Action - Arthur Magic Trick UK

Instant Reset
No Forcing
Can Sign the selection
Customize your gimmick with several styles of decks
Virtually sleight free
Multiple presentations included
Use the deck for normal routines*

Arthurs Ghost V1: A spooky way to find 2 selections
Arthurs Ghost V2: A super clean looking and feeling haunted deck
Deck Vanish

"It's not often I feel that intense need to buy a magic trick, but that feeling quickly came back to me in full force when I first saw Chris perform this trick. There are so many untapped possibilities and routines with this deck I can't wait to see what people discover." - Chris Mayhew

"A solid fooler"
- John Guastaferro

"Chris showed me this effect and I instantly loved it. The deck was solid hanging from my fingers, then melted like butter in Chris' hands. I wanted it immediately!"
- Justin Flom


"I was fortunate enough to witness this little miracle in person..

Words cannot describe that moment I felt when I held onto the card as the deck was suspended in mid-air.. My magician brain wasn't even trying to figure it out or look for methods. I was caught in a moment of pure wonder and excitement. I can only imagine how a layman would feel!

I was fooled! And the routining was beautiful! The story was great. Definitely a worker, and absolutely amazing! I love it!  Highly recommended.. Good job Chris!!!"  - Dustin Dean



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