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Approaching Tables By Dominic Reyes - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Approaching Tables – How to approach people to show them magic tricks.

A lot of magicians worry about how they will approach people and start performing magic. There are ways to easily identify the best method for approaching a group, and several techniques that can make your approach far easier and more effective.

In this free book Dominic Reyes shares what he has learn’t about approaching people to perform table magic over the past 20 years.



The tips and advice are intended to give you a feel for what to expect, ways to be prepared for most situations, practical tips that will make a huge difference to the reactions you get when you join a group, and the degree of attention your guests will show you right from the beginning.

Topics include:

  • The challenges faced performing magic at tables

  • Why the work starts before you get to a gig

  • The best way to talk to client

  • Ways to work with the restaurant staff

  • How to create energy

  • Ways to overcome approach nerves

  • Techniques to build confidence

  • Tricks to connect with spectators

  • Ways to approach tables

  • How to Introduce yourself

  • Introductions and dealing with alpha spectators

  • Tips for approaching long tables

  • Approaching clients by email

  • How not to be annoying

  • The best trypes of magic tricks to perform

  • How to improve the impact of your magic

  • much much more