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Any Word - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Have you ever wanted to give the impression that you are a master of influence like Derren Brown but are unsure how to go about doing this? Well we now have the answer!

Any Word is a fantastic routine that Ben Williams has been using in his professional repertoire to great success and it is so easy! Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro we are absolutely sure you will LOVE performing Any Word.

Literally ANY word a spectator can think of can be predicted in a clean, impossible fashion and the best thing is that Any Word requires NO SKILL what so ever to perform. The spectator at the end of the routine really feels as though you had influenced them to think of the word that is predicted.

Over the past three years Ben has honed this routine into a well oiled machine that devastates every spectator that witnesses it! He has performed this amazing piece of mentalism in casual settings, in loud working environments, one on one, in front of large crowds, he has even performed it on RADIO! Any Word NEVER FAILS to get the desired result of astonishment, your spectators will believe you are a true master of influence and suggestion.

The best thing about Any Word is that once you learn this principle you will be able to perform this amazing prediction at a moments notice, it is fully adaptable to almost any situation. No need to worry if you don't have an impression pad or deck of cards, you will be able to perform Any Word with just a pen and a few pieces of paper if you needed to!

As Any Word does not rely on peeks or impression pads there are no issues to worry about that are consistent with these devices. No need to worry if your spectator writes too small or if the lighting is not ideal as it does not rely on these methods, it is a direct and entertaining routine that hits them between the eyes with the final revelation of their word.

If you are a beginner and new to magic and mentalism then do not worry, after reading the PDF you too will be able to perform this impossible prediction! In fact it is ideal for beginners who wish to try their hand at this amazing artform as it requires no skill it is a perfect routine to practice your presentation skills.

Points to remember:

- No Impression or Peek devices

- You don't need to be a master of influence and suggestion (although this routine will make you look like one!)

- Can be adapted to almost any situation you find yourself in (making it pretty much impromptu, all you need is a pen and a few pieces of paper)

- EXTREMELY easy to perform

- No previous mentalism knowledge necessary

- Perfect for any casual or working environment

- PDF is jam packed full of great ideas and additional thoughts on this principle

- Learn it today and perform it today, it really is that simple!




I performed Any Word at a gig last night, it was for a large crowd of people mainly in their 50's and 60's and it killed them, such an impossible piece of magic. And that was me performing it without any real work on my patter obviously! I can honestly say this effect is the best thing I've seen/used/bought in a very very long time, just brilliant!!  - Rodney H



Compatible with PC and Mac