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Anti-Faro by Christian Engblom - DVD

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Learning the Anti-Faro will propel your sleight of hand to an all new level. It's a massive leap forward in both design and performance of magic tricks using the faro.


One of the most technically challenging techniques in card magic is to perform the faro shuffle. To perfectly interweave one for one, each card as you shuffle them is to do a perfect faro shuffle.

It has a huge range of applications within magic tricks, and is a valuable addition to the skill set of any magician.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could unmix the cards? Actually separate them one-for-one. This opens up a whole world of new possibilities.


The Anti-Faro, is a new card magic technique created by Christian Engblom, which does just this!

It will teach you to do a Anti-Faro with your own regular deck of cards.

The DVD also features Paul Wilson, and Alex Pandrea

Christian's technique for unshuffling the playing cards has reached legendary acclaim within the magicians community. Many thought this was simple impossible to do. The Anti-Faro has evolved mechanically from a concept to an efficient technique. Whether you're willing to challenge yourself to learn the Anti-Faro, or are simply curious about its potential, this DVD gives you an in-depth course on everything from the inspiration and concept to the physics behind why and how it works. For those of you incredulous about its practicality, witness it executed perfectly several times over and discover how even a not-so-perfect Anti-Faro can be useful.