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Anatomy of a Show - By Reg Blackwood - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Anatomy Of a Show

Advice, tuition and Scripts for staging a Hypnosis Show.

This is a complete Hypnotism stage show taught to you word for word from beginning to end.

"My own live show is always evolving and although I don't use scripts in my own work, I am asked to give them for the people I teach.

The Anatomy of a Show ebook features my unique take on inductions and techniques to use as icebreakers. I have given transcripts of the parts of the show that also use traditional stage hypnosis.

Included in the ebook are examples of the vital sections of my introduction and wake-up together with many suggestions for the comedy which happens in between.

Use these scripts and study them. However, you should then adapt them and make them fit your personal style.

Over the years I have been inspired by other Hypnotists,  so I hope this work will give you a push to develop your own unique ideas."

Reg Blackwood



Instant Download Ebook - Stage Hypnotism
1st edition 2012, 74 pages.
PDF for PC, Mac iPhone & iPad and all good readers that support PDF files