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Also Known As - AKA - By Rus Andrews - Instant Download ebook


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Know a Persons Thoughts

Ahead of Time


Let the person change their though to another.

It's all happening in the spectators mind.


Wouldn't it be amazing if you could predict the spectators thoughts ahead of time and in full view?

That's what you will be able to do with 'Also Known As'




AKA will teach you a mind blowing magic principle that you can use in so many ways.

It can fit all magicians and mentalisms.

Works in any situation: Walk-around, table, stage.

Can be done with a borrowed deck of playing cards

You will be taught an Impromptu handling

Features a range of magic routines and presentations





I went and tested it out on my girlfriend. Who doesn't like magic and doesn't really play along with it. I performed it and it absolutely FLOORED her. The best thing, which makes it for me was when she said, and I quote "But I changed my mind and there's no way you could've know what I was thinking, seriously now!" To even get a false reaction from her is good but to get this, has made my day.

The booklet is well written, concise but doesn't cut corners and has links that take you straight to youtube to see a live performance built in to the eBook. Rus also covers multiple handling, including impromptu, brief or advanced set ups (all of which are simple to do) and lastly, Russ covers 7 types of really strong reveals.

This effect is SUPER practical and crazy hard hitting. If any of you know me, I'm not the type to dish out praise for anything that doesn't deserve it but this absolutely does. Bravo Russ! 10/10 - Lloyd Barnes



The ebook covers everything from performance to set up to alternative handlings , this includes a method where you can borrow a deck , there is also a method where the spectator can shuffle the deck before cutting. Everything Rus describes can be done , and there are also ideas on different reveals . I would recommend this 100% - Carl Wag




Well, this is good. Rus gives a lot of explanations, details, youtube links with some additional info (not by him, but for some reference on the moves, etc.) on how to perform this effect well and in great detail. I like the way Rus explains his effect, it is very easy and clear to follow, multiple pictures, etc. His technique on how to perform the effect for magicians or people who want to shuffle the deck is REALLY GOOD. The deck can indeed be shuffled if you want (after a very short set-up).
Every aspect of the routine is explained and detailed, nothing is left apart. I have tried it on my wife and on a couple of friends, and they liked it a lot. -
Dorian Caudal




This works exactly as shown and CAN BE DONE WITH A BORROWED SHUFFLED DECK. No pipe dreams or compliant spectators. It's very good and is an absolute fooler.Also it's easy to do and there are lots of ideas and variations in the pdf. which is very well put together. - Mike Donoghue




I've been using this trick for the past few days and honestly it's absolutely brilliant!

I've been searching for an effect this clean for a long time. The reactions I have been getting are so strong, honestly one of my all time favourite things to perform I think. To a spectator, this is a thought of card prediction with an extremely strong method. - Ben Prime



I just got this from Rus and man oh man is this good! I love this on sooo many levels!
Yes, it can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck. Everything you saw on the demo can be done live! It is a really smart routine and put together very well.
Get this you will not be sorry!
- Justin Miller 




Is it suitable for commercial work? Absolutely if you can find the right presentation that works for you. Simple to reset, strong, pretty unfathomable. What else do you want? - Stuart Nolan


 Just finished reading the ebook for AKA. Well Done Rus, the rumors about this were true. It's good useable, commercial material. Highly recommended. - Dominic Reyes