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Almost the Burglas Effect by Jonathan Royle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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To celebrate the release of the truly Amazing One hour and 7 minute long documentary about David Berglas and his Legendary version of the Any Card At Any Number Plot which you can watch on You-Tube by Searching for "The Berglas Effect - The Documentary" which is on the channel named Martin T Hart and was uploaded on 1st January 2022 we have decided to bundle together four of our previous releases containing work in this area.

The five criteria of the True Berglas effect are as stated by Marc Paul within that excellent documentary are quoted here as follows:

1. The cards are on view before the effect starts.
2. A spectator freely names any playing card. They are not a stooge and can freely choose any one of the 52 cards with no restrictions.
3. Another spectator freely names any number between 1 and 52. They are not a stooge and have a free choice, no restrictions.
4. A third person is invited to count down to the chosen number. The performer does not touch the cards.
5. The card discovered by the 3rd freely chosen spectator (no stooge) at the exact position of the number freely chosen by the second spectator is found to exactly match the playing card freely chosen by the first spectator.

In the video on this page you will see four different versions extracted one each from the 4 PDF's contained within this bumper download and below are the original advert descriptions for each of the 4 products contained within this download.

Using the techniques and Secrets contained within these Four Publications and enclosed training videos you will be able to convince most any audience that they have witnessed the true Berglas Effect apparently abiding perfectly to all 5 of the conditions mentioned above.


The Video above shows just one version of ACAAN that it is possible to perform after you have studied the varied contents of this comprehensive publication.

Within the pages of this 55 page information packed PDF eBook you will learn one of the cleanest & most impressive looking (to an audience) versions of the legendary "Berglas Effect" that has ever been released to the Magic World.

Here's what Marc Paul (Voted The Worlds Greatest Mind Reader) and a personal expert on the ACAAN plot had to say after reading this PDF...

"Thanks for "The Holy Grail of Mentalism". There is some seriously good thinking here, I particularly like the section on how to create "real miracles". I have always believed that truly inexplicable mentalism is only achieved by going that extra mile; you obviously believe the same"

There are several versions and methods for achieving a near perfect ACAAN effect (in the minds of a lay audience and in some cases even in the eyes of Magicians) explained within the pages of this manuscript and its true to say (based on dictionary definition) that absolutely no Stooges or Shills are used in any of them, indeed all who participate in the effects, will due to their clever construction be equally amazed and impressed as the watching audience.

Amongst the methods, techniques & Bonus Reputation making effects explained in clear step by step detail in this PDF are:

The Berglas Effect - (The Da Vinci Code Approach)

A Unique & Mind Blowing "Out" for use in some ACAAN (and other similar effects)

An apparently "impromptu" method of The Da Vinci Code Approach ACAAN which can genuinely use an audience members borrowed deck.

Karrel Fox Style ACAAN - (Inspired By One Of his Tricks)

Jonathan Royles Svengali Pitch ACAAN (As performed on many thousands of occasions during his time as a dem artiste for Marvin's Magic)

Stuart Cassel's seemingly "totally impromptu" method for ACAAN.

Two Easy ACAAN methods for use on TV & Radio Shows.

A discussion on the True Methods Used by David Berglas?

BONUS EFFECT 01 - "Impromptu" Signed Card Through Window.

BONUS EFFECT 02 - "Impromptu" Signed Card in Beer Bottle.

BONUS EFFECT 03 - The Ultimate Borrowed - Signed - Visible - Bending & Straightening Coin Routine.

A discussion and insight into "How to Create TRUE MIRACLES"

Also revealed are numerous Psychological Ploys & Covert Magical & Mentalism methods & approaches which you will want to use in many other effects and routines that you perform.

SPECIAL FREE BONUS - The PDF contains details (secret web links) allowing you the reader to download a FREE 513 page course on all areas of Hypnosis and also a FREE course on Bizarre Mentalism & Psychic Cold Reading.

All in all this is an amazing value for money package!

Pages: 55 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT


This is Jonathan Royle's Commercial and Audience Tested Variation on the Legendary David Berglas Effect "Any Card At Any Number" And boy what a variation it is, with Three Unique Killer Endings that draw maximum applause from any audience that witness it performed.

The Video Demonstration above should leave you in no doubt as to how impressive this routine looks to an audience, now let me assure you that within the Seven Pages of this PDF and by way of the one video link it contains, you will learn every element of how to easily perform this routine.

Structured so that it is very easy to perform and yet amazingly effective and impressive to any audience this is the ACAAN Routine that you'll be adding to your shows above all others.

"Royle's ACAAN stage routine is a simple, but effective version of this normally difficult-to-execute routine"
- Stephen Tucker Budget Magazine (IBM - British Ring)

"I use ACAAN and have 2 versions, yet Jonathan blew me away, indeed the ACAAN was possibly the best version of the effect I have ever seen"
- Byron Rodriquez - Mentalist

"Royle has a unique, creative and entertaining take on ACAAN which is certainly worth a closer look and takes it to the next level. At times he had the audience on the edge of their seats and overall this show was top notch"
- Peter Turner (The Devil In Disguise, Jinxed & Bigger Fish)

As a bonus, you'll also discover how elements used within this routine, can easily be used in many other ways for many other amazing miracles. A Real Bargain:

Pages: 7 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT


The Short video performance on this page is a true and accurate recording of exactly what your audience and also those participating in the ACAAN experiment will perceive and witness when you perform this routine.

Perhaps even more importantly it is how all those participating in the trick and also those watching it will remember it and relate the miracle they have witnessed to other people.

For the record the person in the video is just a customer of the restaurant we filmed in and is genuinely stunned and amazed at the impossibility of the card he merely thought of being located at the randomly chosen number.

Absolutely no pre-show work is required, No Stooges (Instant or otherwise) and no Secret Cueing, complicated memory work or difficult Sleight of Hand is involved at any time.

Any deck of cards can be used and indeed this routine can easily be presented completely impromptu immediately after being handed a thoroughly shuffled borrowed deck and the outcome will always be a seemingly true miracle when you follow the instructions to the letter.

One person can merely think of any playing card that comes into their mind and keep it secret to themselves as another person names out loud any number from 1 to 52.

The number is used to count down that many cards in the deck, this is done by an audience member and not by the performer.

Only when the card located at the number that was randomly chosen is reached does the other person name the card they were merely thinking of and have in mind.

They are then asked to turn over the face down card that was located at the randomly chosen number and to everyone's utter astonishment it is the exact card that was merely thought of and not named until now.

During the included 28 minutes of training videos you will also be taught several other ways to achieve both this same outcome and also a more conventional ACAAN where the name of the Card is revealed before the cards are counted down to the chosen number.


The magician (Surprise, that's you!) takes a deck of playing cards from his pocket, and places them face up on the table explaining that there is a Holy Grail for magicians, where one spectator is asked to name a number between one and fifty-two, and another is asked to name any playing card.

The cards are then counted down to the number chosen, and to the amazement of all around... the chosen card appears at that random number...

The crowd goes wild with applause at the sight of this seemingly impossible feat, and the magician leaves them wondering "how did he do that?"!

The magician then continues to explain that unfortunately, there are only a handful of performers who can achieve this miracle - and he is not one of them!

At which point, a number is selected by Spectator A and said out loud, for the benefit of the rest of the audience. Spectator B then chooses any card out of the 52, and again says it out loud.

For the first time since tabling the cards, the magician picks them up, spreads through the deck, to find the named card and removes it from the remaining cards.

All the other cards are turned face down, revealing that each one has a different number printed on the back... and turns over the chosen card to show that it has the selected number on the reverse!

Notes: There is no Stacked Deck (If you wish, the cards can be shuffled by a spectator) Only 1 Deck of 52 Cards are ever used The trick is instantly reset and repeatable (Great for table hopping) There are no difficult memory systems No additional gimmicks are used No Rough & Smooth, thick, long cards or similar No pre-show work No stooges or instant stooges Can be performed to just one person selecting both a number and a card No subtle uses of NLP etc The choices are truly free All the writing is on the reverse of the cards The Person's Name or Favourite Animal Could Appear On The Card Instead Literally 100's of variations are possible using this method & approach.

Pages: 14 - 8.5" x 11" - PDF FORMAT


"Thanks for "The Holy Grail of Mentalism". There is some seriously good thinking here, I particularly like the section on how to create "real miracles". I have always believed that truly inexplicable mentalism is only achieved by going that extra mile; you obviously believe the same"
- Marc Paul

"All in all this is a nice piece of work. Well referenced and definitely worth the money"
- Anthony Jacquin

"Well done man! Fantastic!!!!!!!!! This has to PROVE that your stuff is phenomenal!!!!!"
- Bobser

"Royle's ACAAN Stage Routine is a simple but highly effective version of this normally difficult to execute routine"
- Stephen Tucker

"This effect transitions into a diabolical card at any number routine ("ACAAN"). The deck is shuffled and it's truly baffling."
-Wayne Kammoto - About Magic

"Royle has a unique, creative and entertaining take on the classic ACAAN, which is certainly worth a closer look and takes it to the next level"
- Peter Turner

"Love the effect, I am happy with the method and pleasantly surprised at the level of detail in the PDF. The effect on the audience is that they have experienced the perfect Berglas Effect. As the author points out to achieve that there must be a compromise, there is no Holy Grail. The benefits of the compromise used far outweigh the drawbacks."
- Anthony Jacquin

"In truth Stuarts PDF is a little like Marmite, your either going to love it or hate it! But Personally I've been performing Stuart Cassel's various version's (all of which are in his PDF) of ACAAN for quite some time now and I can honestly say that these effects and the bonus material he includes such as his apparently impromptu Signed Card Through Window and Signed Card in Beer Bottle using an audience members own deck of cards are absolute mind blowers and true reputation makers! I'd say that if your serious about your Magic and Mentalism then you owe it to yourself to order a copy of this PDF today."
- Jonathan Royle

"Royle performs and explains a Wonderful Stage Version of ACAAN with three Amazing endings"
- Tony Chris - Review in Vanish Magic Magazine

"I use ACAAN and have 2 versions, yet Jonathan blew me away, and I use a chair test, yet Jonathan had audience members stand up for a variation unique to him and again excellent. The ACAAN was possibly the best version of the effect I have ever seen"
-Byron Rodriquez - Mentalist

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