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FREE shipping for orders over £40

All Access by The Miracle Factory

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A perfect torn and restored security wristband trick. Ever go to a festival or event and get one of those security wrist bands? They allow you access into the event or to go through to the VIP section. Often worn by magicians who will be entertaining the celebs.

With All Access you show your spectators a  V.I.P. wristband, around your wrist. Then, right in front of their eyes, you break it off your wrist.

Now you can have the wrist band instantly vanish and then reappear securely on your wrist!
It's a great impromptu close up magic trick that, fits perfectly in with the walk-around magician at events.

The spectators can examine the wristband. Yes, its really secured to your wrist and has to be really torn off to remove it!

  • Cool, visual, and super quick!
  • A perfect opener for walkaround gigs!
  • Easy to perform!
  • Great when you are totally  surrounded!
  • Ideal for nightclubs and V.I.P. suites!
  • Includes full instructions make learning All Access easy!
  • Includes gimmick and extra wristbands!
  • Bonus suggestions for custom presentations!