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Acting for Magicians - Book



How to learn Acting Skills for Magicians

It's essential that you start learning how to present your magic tricks. It doesn't matter how good your sleight of hand is, or your skills with playing cards. If you can't present your magic tricks to the public in an entertaining and professional way, your magic tricks won't get the reaction they deserve.

One of the main reasons magicians fail to learn the "acting" part of magic is learning how to do magic tricks is very demanding.

A performing magician wears many hats. The magician has to learn sleight of hand, misdirection and technical prowess of magic tricks with playing cards, coins and other magicians props.

As a magician, you have to be the choreographer, writer, sound person, booker and promoter of your magic show. Learning how to develop a character often has a low priority because "there's not enough time!" But to learn how to develop a real character, or stage persona, is the MOST important thing a magician can do! It is the skill people remember, and it's the thing that will keep getting you booked to perform your magic tricks for the public!

This book will teach you how to:

* Playing The Part of a magician

* Thinking Like Your Character.
* Dress And Look Like Your Character.
* Creating and establishing your Base Character.
* Talking Like Your Character.
* The Theatrical Purpose.

Pages 100 - Spiral Bound