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Accidental Sandwich by Nicholas Uusitalo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Was it an accident? or was it magic...

The magician shows a deck of playing cards to the audience. He then produces two jacks from the deck, and explains that they are going to help him find the spectators chosen card.

He asks a spectator to choose any card from the deck. The card is then signed, and lost into the centre of the pack.

The magician starts to shake the two jacks above the pack, and something incredable happens. One card appears in between the two jacks. Unfortunately the card sandwiched in between the two jacks is the wrong card.

The magician then places the two jacks and the sandwiched card to the side. He explains that he is going to try the effect with the two kings instead, so he takes out the two kings and starts shaking them. Once again, one card appears in between the two kings.

The card is shown, and once again it's the wrong card. But wait! It's the same card that was in between the two jacks! At this point the magician asks the spectator to take a look what card is in between the two jacks. And yes! It's the selected card.