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Abracadabra Street



What do you do if the family business is magic and you’re all fingers and thumbs? If your family are magicians and builders of tricks and illusions for other magicians and you can’t even pull a rabbit from a hat, do you turn your back on magic and walk away as far away from Abracadabra Street as you can…or do you try and overcome the hand you’re dealt?

This is the question on Benjamin Blackstone’s mind. He has hope, however, in the form of a book his great grandfather bought about magic, a Victorian popup book of a street on which a long line of magic shops sat. This is called Abracadabra Street. The book is said to be truly magical in some way – and young Benjamin wants to get his hands on it. But this book is no toy to be played with which Benjamin soon finds out as he discovers the book after a long search locked in a trunk and discovers a living, breathing magical street! And that’s before a mysterious magician appears seemingly from inside the book.

Benjamin knows it must be all smoke and mirrors, but he finds his own magic unlocked inside his head as he becomes obsessed to know how the book works and where the magician is really coming from. Because real magic isn’t real…right?