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What will you do if someone suddenly asks you to read their mind when you are totally unprepared? Just look out for any book on the shelf and you're set to go.

Why a book? Because you can easily find them everywhere: on the street, at school, in the restaurant, at your office, etc!

You turn your head away, and ask the spectator to open the book THEMSELVES to ANY PAGE they like, then choose literally ANY WORD from that random page. You take a moment, then look deep into their eyes and then start to reveal the chosen word in their mind, one letter at a time.




A.W.A.P stands for Any Word...Any Page. It feels like real mind-reading.

All these features are true with A.W.A.P:

Any book can be used.

No force of any kind.

No gimmicks. Only you, the spectator and a normal book.

No preparation.

Easy to do.

Works with different languages.

Technical Information

This item is an instant-download book in PDF format. For security reasons the download is embedded with your own unique customer reference number, to prevent distribution of the download through file sharing programs. You will be required to enter a password to open the ebook. The password is given to you on the download page after ordering.

No waiting for this product to arrive. Just place your order and immediately you have access to your download.