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A Taste of Chaos by Loki Kross - VIDEO DOWNLOAD OR STREAM


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The Torn And Restored Playing Card Quest Is Over!

Two torn and restored Playing card magic tricks that range from beginner to expert. These have taken the magic world by storm and are regarded as the last word in professional card magic tricks.

Legacy: A Hyper-Visual, 4-Piece, Signed TNR.

  • No Prefold needed
  • Doesn't use Gimmicks
  • No need to mess around with sticky stuff

With visual playing card restorations that happen with without cover, and it can be viewed on both sides, with your hands empty, after each phase of the magic trick.

Mythos: This is not just a Signed torn and restored playing card magic trick, it is a complete magic routine that can be done for up to two spectators.

Best of all , you can use a sealed, or even a borrowed deck of playing cards.

Begins and ends clean, with a restoration that they feel happening in their own hand. With a 5-6 minute presentation that will leave them remembering you for a long time.

With A Surprise Ending...

Featuring: Kross. Rose. McBride.





"Legacy is the most visual TNR I have seen in my life!"
- Morgan Strebler


"LokI is devilishly clever. And the carefully thought out Mythos is no exception. Any close up performer will gain insight, techniques, and excellent presentational points from this release."
- Ben Seidman


'Considering LokI's brilliant thinking in FAX, I think we're in for a revolution in the torn and restored plot!'' - Zombieland


'All I can say is WoW! I've done the TnR for years, and to be honest with you, the one that I use the most is Wayne Houchin's "Counterfeit Hollingworth" because there isn't really much prep work, and works good for walk around. But what I've seen today, I will probably shift over to Loki's because it is a TnR that you can leave with them signed! I also can see why Loki has been working on this for years.' - kylkmann


'I have been blown away by how LokI has been able to meet all the ideal conditions for a TnR with a method that is genuinely breaking new ground. As I first watched the performance of Legacy I was smiling big at the clean way in which the whole sequence looks. A spectator could truly describe the effect back in simple terms and the all important last piece is dealt with very neatly in this version! As others have mentioned this is going to take work to perform well (thank goodness) and I for one am willing to put in the work as you could not ask for a more satisfying 4 piece TnR both visually and practically.

LokI provides and over the shoulder view for practice so learning this is a pleasure. The pro tips from Christopher Rose and Jeff McBride are fantastic as this opens up the typical sage like McBride insights on deeper meaning of the torn and restored playing card. LoKI and Rose also do a disucssion together primarily on handling tips and insights, I definitely felt that the whole project offered excellent value with a lot of detail and discussion provided beyond just the performance and explanation sections.

Mythos was a most enjoyable variation which takes the effect in quite a different direction and LokI masterfully weaves a deeper meaning & personal patter around the effect. Don't want to spoil it for others but will say if you enjoy delivering meaningful message with your magic this is an ideal effect for it!

All in all a fantastic package and awesome development in the torn and restored playing card plot & methods. -  Al Straker


'I've seen a LOT of torn and restored playing card magic tricks (I have a spreadsheet with notes on over 30 of them, in fact! LOL). LokI's routine is stunning, and it looks like it really may just fit the bill of what I've been looking for in a piece-by-piece restoration. - Sgt Grey




Running Time Approximately: 1hr 35min