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A Life In Magic Vol.2 by Wayne Dobson VIDEO DOWNLOAD OR STREAM


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This 3 volume set presented by Wayne Dobson will show you a mixture of well known routines that can be performed in a stage or close up situation.


THE CLASSIC NOTE IN WALLET - This is the magic trick that shot Wayne Dobson to fame. Learn how to perform this classic trick with hints and tips explained by Wayne.

THE SILK IN CIG/CARD BOX - See Mark James perform Wayne's classic routine in a close up situation. The trick has an instant reset and is ideal for bars and restaurant venues.

THE FOURSEEN TRICK - See Wayne perform the trick on TV and then watch as Matthew and Wayne explain how to perform the trick. Ideal for close up situations.

THE RING ON ROPE - Simply borrow a ring from a spectator then the ring dissapears from a piece of rope and re-appears inside a sealed envelope in your wallet.

THE LUCKY CARD TRICK - Wayne puts his own spin on the classic Dai Vernon trick. You can even use a borrowed deck with this trick. Guaranteed to wow any close up spectator.

Also included:

MARK JAMES LOGICAL SPONGE BALL ROUTINE - The perfect follow on from the silk in Card Box

MATTHEW J. DOWDEN'S MST - The perfect signature transposition routine

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 45mins

This product is a streaming online video.