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A Manipulation Deck (Colour) by Anson Lee



A's Deck is a jumbo deck designed for stage card manipulation!

Here are the features of the deck:

- With Black Back
In order to show a miracle, many magicians colored the back side of the card in black. However, there are some problems. For example, the card is easily to become dirty and it also looks not good. The LOGO is specially designed in the center of the black back to make the cards look like real cards when they are produced and dropped to the ground. On the edge of the card, the black color makes the audience hard to penetrate the trick.

- Requiring No Fanning Powder
During the performance, many magicians like to apply the Fanning powder or Fanning Wax to their cards. However, there are some problems. When using the wax or the powder, the card is easily to become dirty and you occasionally need to resupply the powder. Nevertheless, with the specially designed Air Cushion just like BICYCLE Deck, this thin deck requires no Fanning Powder anymore.

- Medium size A's Deck
The size is 9 X 13 CM.
The width is almost the same size to the length of the BICYCLE card, thus it is easily for everyone to master.

- Applicable Material
There are companies who sell the decks that the qualities often are too soft or too hard. If the quality is too soft, the card is easily to be damaged and it is also not suitable for some tricks. Furthermore, if the quality is too hard, you then have to spend more time to practice.
With the ideal quality of the card, "A's Deck" will be your best choice. The thickness of A's Deck is similar to BICYCLE decks, but with more flexibility than BICYCLE decks. Therefore, it is easily for everyone to master.

- Colored A's DeckWith the four specially designed colors (blue, yellow, red, green), it solves the coloring problems. As a result, you can color on the deck depend on your own requirement.