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5th Assistant (Gimmick and DVD) by Geoff Weber and The Blue Crown - DVD

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A Real World and Flexible Pocket Tool
Show your pockets empty then product any object you wish, just moments later

The 5th Assistant takes a traditional concept to a completely different level! Imagine a device so effective, so practical, and so versatile you'll ask yourself how you previously survived without it. This gimmick permits you to show your pocket empty, only to produce any object you wish moments later!

2 Custom Gimmicks  and a full  Instructional training DVD

The 5th Assistant is a utility gimmick that was tailor-made for this magic trick. The Merchant of Magic includes 2 gimmicks (1 black, 1 white) in the kit, and a training DVD that teaches you how to get the most out of The 5th Assistant. Geoff Weber teaches you step-by-step the perfect way to set up and work the gimmick so you can start doing amazing magic tricks in minutes!

Endless Possibilities  and 5 Bonus magic tricks are taught

Geoff goes on to teach you a load of uses for the device, including productions, switches, transpositions, and much more! He then takes you further with five of his best magic tricks that are perfect for close-up or stage conditions! It doesn't matter which type of magic tricks you like to perfrom, you can use The 5th Assistant to greatly improve your magic!

The 5th Assistant secret has been used by some of the greats in magic, including Pat Page and Jack Kent Tillar. It has been developed with the full permission and blessing of Janette Page and Jack Kent Tillar.