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52 Card Monte by Merlins

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Most people love watching the 3 card monte card tricks. But the whole process is so unfair for the spectator.


To prove this, you take out a deck of playing cards and show a Picture card and 2 other cards. You are going to teach them how the con REALLY works.

Hand the Picture Card to the spectator and replace the two other playing cards into the deck and and invite the spectator to play with the full deck in a game of 52 Card Monte! The spectator simply has to find the picture card in the deck. It's easy... 

The Picture Card is returned to the deck and the spectator must find it. Each time, the Picture Card is found. Just as the spectator starts to suspect that the deck of cards is really all the same card, you show the faces and they are seen to be a totally different card with only the one Picture Card present.


What the Merchant of Magic Team think: 52 card monte is one of our recommended walk-around close-up magic tricks. It's also an awesome pub or bar trick. It's simple to perform, has a direct and easy to follow premise, and a lot of fun is built into the routine, to engage the spectators. People love to think they will be 'let in' on how a con game works, and when they get fooled in the process, it's even better. You don't really teach them anything, but instead, you fry their brains, as your always one step ahead.

You get a special gimmick deck of playing cards and full easy to follow instructions on DVD.