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51 For Two By David Gemmell - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Paul Curry conceived the idea for this effect sometime in the 1940's. There was NO

workable method for achieving the effect.








A prediction is made known to all (open....) and a spectator deals through a deck of cards stud

fashion. At some point in the deal, one card is dealt face down either to one side or in the pile. This

is followed by the talon being stud dealt until the spectator has run out of cards. At this point the

face down card is shown to match the Open Prediction made at the beginning of the effect.


51 For Two

Any deck may be used. Borrowed if you wish. The deck need not be complete. You don't need to know how many or what cards are missing. You only have to be sure the card predicted is there.

There is no pre-setting of the cards. The deck is never out of sight. The prediction must be made open (ly) before the dealing begins.

You have no idea where the card will be in the deck. They deal through the deck, turning each card face up. At one point they deal a card face down. The face down card (hopefully) matches the open prediction made before the dealing.

The spectator turns the face down card over to bring the effect to its climax.

The above is almost word for word the restrictions that were laid down by Stewart James in his

quest for the perfect handling for the Unsolved Card Problem belonging to Paul Curry.

Add to that, the handling that follows not only complies with Stewart's restrictions, but from start to

finish, you never even touch the cards. All you do is guide the helpers and provide the magic.


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