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413 - By Dee Christopher - EBook INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Dee Christopher has done it again! Is there no end to the amazing mentalism that spawn from this devil child's brain?

413 is the new, long awaited release from Dee Christopher in which he shares 4 new magic trick routines with a mentalism theme, from influencing spectators to psychokinesis, from mind reading to predictions, 413 has it all.

The eBook is only 21 pages long but is jam packed with great routines and ideas, in true Dee Christopher style you will read this eBook and immediately think - "Why did I not think of this myself?"

All the presentations for these feats of mentalism are easy to follow and the methods are direct and simple, like all the best magic tricks.

Schrodinger's Cat

This is Dee's sure fire method for the classic 'Light/Heavy' box.

In Schrodinger's Cat a deck of playing cards is used to demonstrate how you can influence a spectator's mind supposedly using just words. Using the example of Schrodinger's Cat as a presentational hook makes this routine even more powerful and engaging.

Devil's Key

This is Dee's handling for the Haunted Key.

In Devil's Key Dee explains his method for the haunted key, where a key mysteriously and slowly turns over in a spectator's hand. No threads are used and everything is examinable after you finish haunting them!

Falling Coins

If you want a simple, surefire way to predict the outcome of a multiple coin toss then look no further!

Falling coins is a simple as it gets, yet is extremely deceptive. Three spectator's stand up and take a coin out of their pocket, you have a piece of card with a prediction written on it that the spectators cannot see. When the spectators toss their coins in the air and note if it is heads or tails you show your prediction to match. 

Sight 3

Dee originally released Sight as a mind reading tool you can have in your wallet ready to go. Essentially a spectator looks a t a list of movie titles on a card and you can divine which movie the spectator merely was thinking of, with nothing having been written down or spoken. He has ramped this mini mind reading effect into a fully blown stage piece that can play to hundreds. The best thing about this version? The spectators choose the films themselves making this an impossible routine to back track or work out even if they know the original method.