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10S Star Sign by Olivier Boes - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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10S Star Sign Divination: Using just two lines of script, you can divine a persons star sign.


No language restrictions
No anagrams
No Duel Reality techniques
Easy and direct

This principle can be used for colours, cities, names...


Format: Pdf ebook - 11 pages




I just got this. Really love it---it is exactly the type of effect I like. Direct, no sleight of hand and if you put a little work into your script, you perform the impossible. Well done! Highly recommended. - Brehaut

Just received and read 10s Star Signs Divination. Immediately after I wanted to give it a try with my wife......she come with me for years at magic clubs and conventions....not the best person to try it......but it was a success. Lovely different idea Olivier from the usual stuff on birthday sign!!! - Moro Paolo


Just read the pdf and it's an amazingly clever idea. - Michael Murray

This technique is epic! - Ben Allen


The method is very direct and genius. It can be used for a lot of things... a new propless way to do a Pr* S**w, why not! Bravo! - Alex Le Fanu

It's a wonderful idea, and really only takes about 10 seconds to perform and know their star sign.
I'm not a fan of long, drawn out procedures when it comes to prop-less mentalism, so this was perfect for me. At first read I was a little skeptical, but tested it out and it worked consistently ever time!
This uses a principle you may be aware of, but in a slightly different way than others are using it. In fact, I find this variation to be more successful.
Overall it's a great idea, and I can see myself using this often. I'd give it a very fair rating of an 8/10.
Excellent work Ceierry! - Dustin Dean

"Sometimes a performer stumbles upon something that has been right before our noses our entire lives and then uses it to achieve a powerful moment of mind-reading.
Olivier has done so, and I am royally peeved I didn't think of it myself. You will use this principle, I guarantee it." - RW (RedDevil) Cosley

I absolutely love this method.
It falls into the category of simple and natural methods I look for.
The fact that this is a conversational piece makes this a perfect fit for my style and approach to close up performance.
I will be working on other uses for this as I'm sure this principle has a lot more potential. If you are into prop less, then get it. - Fraser Parker

Just read it and I like it.
The method is simple and direct and can easily be expanded to other concepts too.
Good luck with this, bravo! - Luca Volpe "The Italian Mentalist"

No script, no routine. I just applied a basic script with basic scripting methods everyone here should be familiar with and it works really well. You read the method and you think "erm... is this... well, really? It's just...". On paper it looks just like something that maybe will work 30% of the time. It worked 100% of the time for me. Ceierry pointed out that this manuscript is just a review edition and the final version will have subtleties and fully structured routines (I hope I'm not making stuff up here Smile Just woke up). Anyway, this can easily be on the level of the likes of Ouija in terms of "That's a weird method that actually works". On paper the method seems obvious, but with just a simple script I (who is not anything like the big names we have) managed to make it invisible.
If you're looking for a direct star sign divination, I'd give this my fair share of attention when it gets released. - Adrian Tugui

Most of the time when I write a review I try to make it as objective as possible and leave my own thoughts till the end… But **** it, this is simply amazing !
I laughed out loud when I read the method, it’s so simple and genius I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.
There’s basically nothing in terms of process, a mentalist could watch an uncut performance and swear that pre-show must have been used.
There’s no “Imagine the letters… is it an animal?” , you know their star sign before you even start the effect, and there’s no DR,IS,PS,BS or anything else you might ask for.
Is it sure-fire you ask? Well no, but it’s bloody *** close to being (haven’t failed yet and logically I don’t see that happening often), if you’re really worried about failing than you can combine it with the star sign guess Peter did on his Jinxed dvd (still prop-less and now also unfailable… is that a word? )
All in all this is truly awesome, I might not replace completely the 99,99 % success rate zodiac guesses but it’s definitely one of the best alternatives out there.
Also, no language restrictions and works the same over skype or phone.
10/10 , I rarely say it, and yet this is ****ing brilliant. I would pay twice that just for the 2 page explanation of the method. - Michael Zarek

I will say it again. I am so p***ed off that I didn't think of this. This has had me wracking my brain to find other pieces of information that I can use with this same principle. I guarantee you that you will use this in a close-up situation.
The PDF is as basic as it comes, but you don't really need much. The principle is so simple, he could tell you in a paragraph. I got this as a free review copy, so but I think I am being pretty objective that I wouldn't have felt ripped off for paying 13-15 bucks for the privilege to have this in my toolbox for the next 40 years.
You are not getting a routine, but a tool. You can perform this just as a quickie, but I can already see me layering this in a routine of my own making and in my own timing. - RedDevil

This is so simple and soooooooo smart!!! I love it!!!
I already have a few ideas spinning in my mind!
Thank you so much, man!! - Adrien Lochon