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FREE shipping for orders over £40

MELTY - Red by Jordan Victoria

Sold out

With MELTY you will now be able to take the classic Sharpie™ through the card to the next level.

More logical, MELTY allows you to visually penetrate a lighter through a signed card and give everything for examination at the end!

This is the best object-through card you'll ever have in your hands!

What you receive:
  • A high precision made gimmick ready to be used (Made by Jordan himself)
  • An instructional video teaching you how to use the gimmick (explanations in English and French)
What they think about Melty:

"Everything just feels so right. It's not just the magic. It's the details. I like this!"
- Will Tsai

- Henry Harrius

"Melty is how an object through card should look like. It's so visual and practical to perform!"
- Hanson Chien

"Melty is so visual and amazing! I highly recommend it!"
- Jeki Yoo

"Melty should come with aspirins because your spectators are going to have a headache! It's so clean! I do not get enough."
- Mickael Chatelain