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Genii Magazine October 2021- Book

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October 2021


David Copperfield's History of Magic by David Copperfield, Richard Wiseman, and David Britland


Genii Speaks
by Richard Kaufman
In Memoriam Bill Taylor by Mike Caveney
Brad Burt by Barbara C. Burt

The Eye by Vanessa Armstrong

Chamber of Secrets The Martin Rising Card Machine by John Gaughan
Exhumations The Card You Picked Before You Took the One You Chose by Jon Racherbaumer
Cardopolis Quick Slickby David Britland
Artifices Two Sandwiches by Roberto Mansilla
Expert at the Kids' Table Bowling a Perfect Game by David Kaye

Magicana by Jonathan Friedman
  • The Severed Finger by Jonathan Friedman, Chris Beason, and Louie Foxx
  • Bad Candy by Jonathan Friedman, Chris Beason, and Louie Foxx
The Academy of Magical Arts in Geniiby Shawn McMaster
Now Appearing at The Magic Castle


Books Reviewed by David Britland
  • Heroes of Magic by John Fisher
  • The Century of Deception by Ian Keable
  • The Conjurer's Conundrum by Jamy Ian Swiss
Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
  • Harapan Ong Masterclass LIVE by Harapan Ong
  • Experts at the Card Table 2021 by Various Artists
Tricks Reviewed by Mark Phillips
  • "Divine & Conquer" by Leo Reed
  • "The Bell Ultra" by TCC Presents
  • "Astral Ashes" by Al Cohen
  • "Antique Haunted Key" by Mike Hummer Magic
  • "Miracle Coins Pro Model" by Roy Kueppers
  • "The Wallet" by Richard Himber
  • "Windy Watch Winder" by Louis Paul Productions
  • "Migrate" by Dr. Michael Rubenstein
  • "Twist Till It Hurts" by Geoffrey Latta
  • "Portable Hole" by David Roth
  • "Eraser Coin" by David Roth
  • "The Frog" by Manuel Llaser
  • "Think Pink Deluxe" by Ran Pink and Chad Long
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