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FREE shipping for orders over £40
FREE shipping for orders over £40

Extreme Intuition by Henry Evans



Perfect for any Casino routine plot.

Best quality materials. It looks like a premium wood casino sabot.


The spectator shuffles and deals the cards from the sabot himself. The Magician's intuition helps him to stop the spectator each time he deals a winning card. 

  • The magician does not touch the cards to find them. 
  • No need to see the cards at any time. 
  • The magician can perform blindfolded. 
  • The magician can stop the spectator at two separate cards to make a Black Jack, or at four Aces to make a 4-of-a-kind, or at five cards to make a Royal Flush! 
  • An electronic piece of art designed to achieve a miracle. 
  • You receive a special sabot, electronic devices, DVD and 13 special cards.


  • The sabot can be examined!
  • All cards are also fully examinable!
  • A practical prop, no special tables needed.
  • Completely automatic. No skill required
  • Long distance reception
  • Easy to pack and travel.
Idea and Effect by Henry Evans, Manufactured by Cerebro Magico