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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Chips Game by Tora Magic

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Magician has a chips pack in his hand and eating the chips enjoying the wonderful taste of them; of course he offers audiences to have some too! he puts his chip pack on his table and show an empty tube to all ; putting in on the chip wondering what will happen to it? he takes the tube off the chips and the color of the chips pack is changed !feeling amused and astonished he puts the tube back on the chips again to see what will happen again? then takes it off again... the color of the chips pack is changed again! 2 times changing color instantly! he is so curious to know what will happen if he puts the magical tube on the chips again... thinking deeply he puts the tube on the chips pack again and this time when he removes the tube there are 6 small chips pack different tastes and color instead of the big one!

Try this trick! imagine what amusements and happiness this item will bring into your stage once mixed with your magical talents