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One Minute Magic Business - Sean Heydon - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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One of the most common questions customers ask at our magic shop is " How do I take the next step from performing magic for family and friends, to performing for the public and turning my hobby into a profitable career?"

Well, behind every great magician is a well-stocked magic shop ;-) BUT it's more than just how many tricks you learn or how much you practice. The secret to professional magic is MARKETING and it's a subject not often discussed in magic books. The Merchant of Magic is proud to present this new Ebook by Professional Magician Sean Heydon. If you are looking to take that first step out to public performance you will find this information invaluable. If you are already a working magician it's very easy to become 'relaxed' in your marketing as you fall into old habits or unknowingly overlook a tip or step that could be bringing in more work. Just view this as a valuable 'refresher course' after all, if you are missing just a few of the methods and marketing systems taught in this book, then you are probably losing out on bookings to those that use professional marketing to their full advantage. If this ebook helps you get JUST ONE extra booking, it's been a fantastic investment!

For some time magicians have asked Sean time and time again to share with them his success. He has contemplated holding seminars and giving lectures. The truth is he is just too busy! So in his spare time, he has written an e-book "The One Minute Magic Business"

As many of you already know Sean understands that there is enough work out there for us all to live the lifestyle we want to. So Sean is proud to announce to you "The One Minute Magic Business". It covers Booking, Restaurant Magic, Trade Shows, Corporate Gigs and much more!

He is going to give you systems to get your self residencies at restaurants.

Sean will show you how to book Corporate Gigs and Trade Shows.

"I truly believe that there is an abundance of opportunities for every magician in the world to live the lifestyle they deserve." Sean Heydon

Sections include:

How to actually get the work
What to say on the telephone
Restaurant anecdotes
What to say in the meeting
What you are selling
How to be dressed for the meeting
What to take with you
What magic to perform
Over Coming Objections
The Magic of Tent Cards

How to get the work
Trade Show Sales Script
Marketing ideas

How to write your CV
Example CV's and information packs
What to do next

How to use Hot Leads
Hot Leads Exercise
The Example Spread Sheet

Face to Face Networking
Online Networking
Top Tips
Creating a referral-based business


Format: PDF Ebook