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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Bicycle Playing Cards RED - Regular Poker Size Deck




Red Bicycle Playing Cards


The quality and durability of these playing cards really stand out with this deck. A vital tool to help you learn magic tricks with playing cards. As every deck of bicycle playing cards has an air cushioned finish they are smooth to use and lend themselves perfectly to sleight of hand card magic routines.


What Merchant of Magic says:


There is a reason bicycle playing cards are sold the world over and used by so many magicians who perform card magic. It is because they are, without question, the most widely used cards for magicians around the world. They are of a very high quality and they handle well in practically all performing conditions (heavy rain is not good for any playing card!). Bicycle playing cards are perfect for card magic routines that finish with the spectator's playing card being folded, torn and restored or permanently sealed inside an impossible object. Available in several different colour backs, the cards work well for colour change effects too.


The decks are manufactured in the united states bu the United States Playing Card Company.