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When you perform your magic, do you think about how you will move from one trick to another?

Next...You'll do a trick using a few playing cards... How are you getting the cards out?

Now... You want to do a trick with three do you bring them into play?

Here's a brilliant and magical way to produce any small prop you plan to use in a trick. It's exactly as shown in the demo video, and the angles are fool-proof.

Present your audience with a box with a transparent lid - show that the box contains nothing. Then, with a single shake, anything you'd like appears inside the box.

You can use chewing gum, cards, coins, money, change an object's colour, and much more

... Perform without worrying about the audience's perspective

-- everything is 360 degrees angle-proof.

The box is made of plastic, very nice and durable. You can use it for many other purposes.


  • Easy to do
  • No black art
  • Use any small object
  • Great angles


It's super simple to perform. Shaking the box triggers it, and the job is done. Best of all, no black art is used, so this can be done under full lighting and real world conditions.