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Snake Eyes by Tom Burgoon



This is a fun quicky that starts out with a pair of dice and always ends up with a big laugh! The women will scream and the men will jump back. What more do you want from a gag!

Snake Eyes will be one of the most shocking effects you will ever perform. Always ready to go and easy to do. The perfect comedy effect for walk around or table to table magic. If you want to get the attention of everyone in the room Snake Eyes is the effect for you!
The performer shows a pair of dice and after showing that they are not 'loaded' explaines that he can roll them and predict the value that they will land on. He demonstrates this ability a few times, taking the dice shaking them in his hands and then predicting the result. Finally he gives them a shake, then lets the spectator see the result. Out of is closed hand, a SNAKE pushes its way out of his hands, under the control of the performer! SNAKE EYES!

Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)