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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Captive by Jimmy Strange



CAPTIVE by Jimmy Strange.. Would you like the ability to harness the power of your own mind or even that of your spectator's?

Well now this ability is in your hands.

Jimmy Strange is proud to present his latest effect CAPTIVE.


With captive you are able to take the cap off your everyday working Sharpie place this down on the table or even isolate it under a glass, then by just focusing either yours or the spectator's mind on the cap it will start to move, slide, and then fall over making anyone who sees this phenomenon, jump with amazement.

Captive by Jimmy Strange reviews 


'I think Captive is fantastic. It does exactly what it says on tin and it does it well.' - Alan Rorrison



Suitable for beginners to Pro's

Use your everyday working Sharpie.

No refills required

No invisible thread

No magnets

Easy to perform

Resets in seconds


Captive includes a bonus effect, Full routines taught in video download, and 2 bonus card routines.