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FREE shipping for orders over £40

One Deck Game Playing Cards



52 Cards - Zillions of Games

So many games in one clever little square deck of cards. Playing cards, chess, dominoes, checkers, backgammon and more.

The usual 52 cards of a standard deck, but as well as regular playing card markings, the cards have multiple symbols allowing for all the different games. And the dark back of the cards can be used to make the chequered playing board itself! 

One Deck Playing Cards

Each card has clear simple markings on it that let you play cards, chess, dominoes, checkers/draughts, backgammon and many other games with them.

In each corner, there are standard markings for playing cards, and then in the middle of the cards, there are additional icons and symbols for the other games. 

One card - many games

These cards are the same width as poker size playing cards, but square! 63x 63 mm
(2½ x 2½ in). For these cards we chose the True Linen B9 Finish with Superlux stock, printed in the EU by Cartamundi, the world's #1 playing card company.