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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Black Cat ESP Cards



Black Cat Magic ESP cards are perfect for the modern performer.

100% PVC plastic means that they are waterproof and can be cleaned. A damp sponge is recommended.

 100% Plastic

Said to last up to 40 times longer than standard card stock. But they are also easily wiped down with disinfectant wipes which makes them perfect for anyone who wants to keep their props clean in these uncertain times.

Secretly Marked

They are subtly marked (see images for full disclosure) which allows you to know the identity of any card from one quick glance, from a nice distance and even from the spread of cards.

Secret One Way Design

The cards also feature a One-Way system (again, see image) that will allow you to add extra layers to your deceptions.

Use the one-way together with the markings for a very clean piece of mentalism.

Please be aware that no specific routines are included.

For cleaning, use none alcohol based disinfectant wipes. 

Simply perform your favourite routines with them or add extra phases using a mix of the markings and one-way system.

2 sets of 5 ESP cards per pack (10 cards total)
Colour: Grey