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Impossible Presentation by Moshe Eyal - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Never Seen Before Tricks for Building Magic with PowerPoint

Do you want to create magic?

Do you want to have complete control of how your trick works, the secret, the timing, the patter?

Do you want to take all the heat off you when you perform, and instead of the audience burning your hands have them look somewhere else all that time?

How about performing magic online, using zoom?

The ideas detailed in this ebook will allow you to accomplish all that, using a simple tool you already own and use: PowerPoint.

Whether you would like to include a secret move in a presentation you are working on, proving you anticipated a certain scenario, or build a complete magic program, using no code, only simple yet super elusive methods - this one is for you.

Not just one.. In this ebook you will receive not only implement-ready ideas to use in PowerPoint in order to accomplish such premises as Guessing A Card, The Invisible Deck and more, but also SIX premade examples of such presentations - ready for
you to download and use.

The ideas presented and implemented in this ebook and the supplied pptx files, are completely unique. You will not find them anywhere else. The hard work is done for you. All the files are editable, so when you get this, you can make them your own!

The Effects and Ideas Included in the Examples Files:

Guessing the Card
A presentation that correctly guesses the card a participant is
thinking of.
Note that during the run of the presentation, it appears as if no input is entered, and the magician is merely browsing through the slides.

Ideas for Using Touch Screen Devices
Implementing secret invisible moves using PowerPoint on presentations created to run on touch screen devices.

The Invisible Deck
A computerized invisible-deck like effect, plus having the participants choose a card to turn over, which appears to be their thought-of card. Again, all done by clicking to browse through the pages, nothing to catch, and no sweat. 

Alternative Method for Using No Secret Moves
Go deep undercover with this method, which will allow you to accomplish the same result while avoiding the use of any secret move.

Hands Off
A method for passing the control over the magic presentation to the participants, still managing to have it guess their card correctly!

If you are using PowerPoint, you should get this.

If you are not using PowerPoint for magic, you should get this. If you want to do something no one else is doing, and no one is expecting, this one is for you.