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FREE shipping for orders over £30

Alien Mind Reading by Mariano Goni




Instantly knowing what image your spectator is searching for on THEIR phone without touching it or peeking at ANY form of visual cue.

From the creator of Defiance and Coffee Cup comes the most Direct Mentalism Device.

Alien Mind Reading runs on Android (iPhone version coming soon), but your spectator only needs a browser with Internet (any device).

It comes with a very special electronic gimmick.

Several Mentalism effects can be performed with this tool.

Spectator uses THEIR phone. Spectator looks up ANY Item they can think of.
100% REAL claims:
  • You never touch their phone
  • You never peek at their phone or your phone (or any other visual cue) *
  • No forces, they can search any word
  • Instantly repeatable without doing anything. No reset
  • No memory work, earpieces, no thumpers
  • Your phone can be face down on the table
  • Ready in seconds, no pre-show
  • No accomplice, perform alone
  • No voice recognition
  • Several languages supported
Thought is transmitted directly to your spectator's head without any screens, text, earpieces, speakers, codes, etc.

Totally silent transmitter. YOU choose who will receive the secret information. You do not speak or whisper ANY information.

The AMR (Alien Mind Reader) does all the work for you.
  • As an "out," you have a visual option.
Alternative uses:
  • You can use the system for performing a "Telepathy Act" without the use of codes at all.
  • You can "Implant a Thought" into a spectator. Another spectator reads the first spectator's mind!
  • Perform a Bonus eerie "false ventriloquist" effect. Suitable for Halloween!
Device comes pre-charged with rechargeable battery via USB.

Use a normal USB wall charger (not included).

TV performance rights are NOT included with purchase.
All TV rights are reserved and available from Mariano Goñi Magic.