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Sleight of Hand for Beginners - Complete Training Course



Don’t limit yourself to just self-working card tricks!

Starting to learn card magic tricks can be a daunting prospect. Many magicians start by learning a range of self-working card tricks to build up their range of magic tricks and to allow them to learn presentation and performing skills.


The problem:

  • How do you take the next step and begin to learn how to do sleight of hand with playing cards?
  • How can you take your magic to the next level of deceptiveness?


Well, for hundreds of years, the art of card magic has been built on the foundations of just a handful of fundamental 'moves'. These sleights are a way of bemusing, confounding and IMPRESSING your audience. Master them, and your magic will be sensational. Unlock them, and you will be able to perform almost any card trick ever invented!

We've put together a three-month course with an incredible set of videos to help you learn these all-important moves. Pick up our special deal, and you'll receive expert, structured tuition on:

  • FOURTEEN Double lifts
  • TWENTY-FIVE card control false counts
  • Advice on how to practice, uniformity of action and fixing a mistake to name a few.    
  • Expert tuition on the Elmsley count
  • EIGHT variations on the Elmsley count
  • FIVE alternative counts with cards
  • TWENTY ONE tricks that utilise these techniques


We cover all of these key skills in this enormous set.


The collection gives you the core training magicians receive when they have personal tuition at the Merchant of Magic.

The set has been designed to give you all the training you need on the core sleights used in card magic. You will learn the techniques, but that's only the start. Once you have the moves, you get a range of powerful, professional card magic routines that are now unlocked to you, as you have the 'moves' needed to perform them.



How to use the course.

You will receive a package containing everything you need to access the training. The pack is divided into 3 sections. We suggest that you focus on just one section each month. Run through the moves until you remember the process. Then drill them with small practice sessions every day. Just 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening EVERY DAY. You will be amazed at the progress you make. 


Staged Training Support

As well as the training videos, you will receive an invitation to register for the training support program for free. Register using your order number, and we will coach you via email, video, and instant downloads over the three months of the course. We will check on your progress, correct mistakes you may have developed and provide you with additional tips and advice on getting these techniques practised until they are perfect.



The 3 Month Plan

You have the course video material forever. However,  it’s designed for you work through over 3 months with some daily practice. We’ll guide you over the 3 months.

Month 1: Counts and beyond

In the first month, you will focus on mastering the Elmsley Count.

You will learn:

  • The Start Position
  • How to do The Count Of One
  • Doing a Count Of Two
  • Mastering the Count Of Three & Four
  • Recap
  • How to Highlight The Packet
  • Ways to Hide More Cards

You then move on to add variations on the core move:

  • Opec Count
  • Outjogged Elmsley
  • The Pinch Grip
  • Snap Count
  • Split Elmsley
  • Adding a Twist Grip
  • Underground Elmsley
  • Vertical Elmsley


The Elmsley count will become your 'go-to move', but we need to add move counts so you have a professional skill set:

  • Jordon Count
  • Spirit Count
  • Discrepancy City Display (Bannon)
  • Siva Count
  • Bullet Party Display (Bannon)

The real secret to learning sleight of hand is APPLICATIONS. You need a bank of magic tricks that use the move so you can perform and reinforce the technique through practice and performance. The second part of this section is filled with magic tricks that use the Elmsley count:

  • The Four-Card Trick
  • Twisting The Aces
  • The Odd Man Out
  • One Too Many
  • Que Sera Sera
  • Jacks In The Box
  • Whisperstition
  • Jazz Aces


Month 2: Card Controls

Now things get interesting!  We are going to add a range of different skills every card magician should master. You will learn the techniques to keep control over any playing card you wish in a deck. You will also learn how to control multiple cards at one time. These are core skills you should develop in order to allow your card magic to breathe and grow. This month, you will be taught how to do this through The Controls Project. 

The training: 

  • Double Undercut and THREE variations
  • Shuffle Controls and variations
  • Swivel Cut
  • Dribble Toss Control
  • Tipover Control
  • Ovette Master Move
  • Spread Cull Control
  • Convincing Control
  • Bluff Pass
  • Side Steal and variation
  • Pants Leg Reversal
  • Tilt Illusion
  • Dai Vernon's Multiple Shift
  • Carmen D'Amico's Multiple Shift


We back these skills up with a range of card magic tricks that will now be easy to perform:


  • Blind Lemon Aces.
  • Deep Thrust.
  • Psychic Pickpocket.
  • The Powerful Queen.
  • WWBD.
  • Infinity Round Trip.


Month 3: The Double Lift

This month we teach you a core principle called the Double Lift. It's an entire technique that will revolutionize your card magic. This one technique allows you to switch cards invisibly and so much more!

The easy-to-follow tuition makes it easy to learn multiple variations of this core move so you can choose the best one for you. 

Learn multiple get readies for the double lift; this is essential to performing a deceptive double lift

Learn all of these Double Lift Techniques:

The Turnovers

  • The Expert Card Technique Turnover
  • The Book Turnover
  • The Upjogged Turnover
  • The Spin Double
  • The Larry Jenning's Snap Double
  • The Pages Of Time
  • The Triple Delight Turnover
  • The Crook
  • The Pushoff
  • The Floop
  • The LePaul Flipover
  • The Centre Double Lifts
  • The Forceps
  • The Bro Hamman Packet Double Lifts

The Tricks

  • Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama
  • David Solomon's Fingerprint Trick
  • Peter Duffie's Two Card Transpo
  • Dave Campbell's Leapfrog
  • George McBride's Double Swap Sandwich
  • Alex Elmsley's Double Swap
  • Mike Skinner's The Mona Lisa Card Trick

Why the course works so well.

There are hundreds of videos and books teaching sleight of hand. It's very easy to get bogged down and confused by all the different individual techniques and thousands of variations. With this course, you will learn what is necessary and what we believe to be the best variations of these core techniques. These have been cherry-picked for you, so you don't have to.

The Elmsley Count, Card Controls and the Double Lift... these core techniques are essential to anyone wanting to learn sleight of hand card magic. Focusing a month's training on each of these, and committing to a short practice session each day, is THE tried and tested method to master sleight of hand right from the beginner stage. That's how we approach it in our private tuition sessions that cost a LOT of money, and it will work for you from home at a fraction of the price.

Staged, focused learning with regular short practice sessions is the key to mastering the sleight of hand with playing cards.

If you are serious about taking that first step in learning sleight of hand and prepared to put aside 10 minutes twice a day to practice, this is a structured program that will give you a lifelong skill. 


We are offering you this extensive course on card magic for nearly 50% off the price of the videos sold individually. You also get additional tips and training over the three months sent to you in a series of ebooks at no extra cost. 

Included in the course:

  • The Elmsley Project
  • The Controls Project
  • The Double Lift Project

As well as the core material, you will register to receive coaching through the 3 month training period. We check on your progress, suggest ways to learn faster and make sure you stay on target. You can receive the pack and not register for the coaching, it's up to you. However, getting staged advice and feedback will help you master this material and stop you from 'burning out' and giving up.



Because of the course's personal online help and coaching aspect over the first three months, we are limiting the number of courses purchased each month. Once the course is full each month, we will switch off the checkout button for this item. It will reactivate the following month, so if you can't order, please use the box to register your interest for when more spaces become available.


'I am on my 29th day of your Sleight of Hand For Beginners Course, and so far, it has been well worth the investment of time and money (feel free to quote me).

When I started the course, I was under the mistaken belief that I could already do an Elmsley Count fairly well; however, in only a month, my Elmsley Count has improved tremendously. It has certainly shown me the strength of this style of structured learning, a style I will carry on well after this course is over.
' - Chris Jones


'Been looking at the first video this morning and am excited to get the first Months techniques mastered and get my magic going now I have a study plan. You have no idea how long I've been searching for a training plan as I seem to get bewildered and waste my practice time when I'm left to my own devices.' - Wayne Mason


'Just what I have been looking for. I found it very confusing to know where to start learning sleights. I like the way the course has given me a timetable to learn the material. I'm working through each section slowly. Well done, Merchant of Magic' - Tim Stanmore


'Great idea guys. I already use an Elmsley count, but having so many ways to use it has made me start performing it again.' - Mark Williams


'I've spend to much money on magic tricks over the years, but just keep jumping from the next new trick to the next. This is a great way to stay focused, learn each effect correctly, and build a working magic act. Highly recommended' - David Snatten


'I am one of those few people who has been working through the videos one at a time, and I have been very impressed by how well this course has worked for me. For example, I thought I could do the Elmsley Count before month one, but by the end of it, I was amazed at how much my technique had improved.

The entire course has been very beneficial and has given me a template for learning sleights in the future. I will be recommending the course to all the magicians I know who would benefit from it.'
- Chris  K