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Magic Hands Tuition - The Top Change - VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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This Episode:  The Top Change
So useful, but many magicians find it very hard to learn this more correctly from a book. The reason?, it's all about the timing and understanding the motion within the technique. This MagicHands Tuition Episode gives you the full technique including the central important detail of the action, that makes for a perfect and deceptive move.
The Magic Hands Series, brings you as close as possible to receiving one 2 one personal tuition directly to you PC, iPhone, Mac or iPad.
Each episode features a professional working magican covering a core technique that is fundamental to learning magic.
Designed as stand alone tuition, Each Magic Hands video assumes no prior knowledge and takes you step by step through the technique. Multiply angles, replays and all the tips and tricks developed over professional use of the technique over many years.
Essential core training for any magician.