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Magic Hands Tuition - Coin Magic - The Downs Palm - VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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The Magic Hands tuition videos, gives you the benifit of personal magic training right from your PC, iPhone, Mac or iPad.
Every video in the series gives you the advice of a professional working magican covering a move that is the key to learning magic.
Created for magic tricks tuition, every Magic Hands video works with no prior knowledge and moves you step by step through the move. Multiply angles, replays and all the tips and tricks developed over real world use of the technique over many years.
Essential sleight of hand tuition for any magician.
This Episode:  The Downs Palm
With this move, you will be able to show your hand empty, then simply reach into the air and pluck coins out of thin air. It's very magicial. yet often overlooked by coin magicians as tuition on the technique has been rare. This magic training video will teach you the RIGHT way to perform the move.