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Torment - By Justin Miller - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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Torment..A dream levitation come true!


"torment is visual and sneaky… the extra variations are very clever!

-Jesse Feinberg-

"This has to be the effect of the year! It is a killer!

-Rex Davis-

"Words will not describe the look on peoples faces when you float a card box off a borrowed cell-phone.How about being surrounded and  levitating a card box, and then plucking it right out of the sky? Torment is just that good. Instant reset, no wires, no magnets, no sticky stuff....Leave your crowd Tormented!"

-Skott Hughes-

"The 80's gave us Freddy and Jason...I bring you torment! OK that might have been a little over the top on hype..but it is really GOOD! I have been sitting on this for a while and I am finally ready to release it to you guys"



Imagine a totally impromptu levitation where there are:

  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • No wires
  • No sticky stuff
  • No fingers used
  • Start clean and end clean
  • And the deck can be BORROWED

Taught in crystal clear detail I will teach you how to levitate a card box over:

  • a deck of cards
  • your cell phone or theirs
  • and the back of your hand

I will teach you 2 killer versions with each version having multiple endings including them being able to grab the box while its still floating and have everything immediately  examinable. You will be able to do just that in the totally impromptu version and the gimmick version!

I leave no box uncovered as I go into all the in's and outs.


A levitation that will go beyond a reputation maker..They will talk about this effect for as long as you know them