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The Other Side - By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This truly does not come along in magic as one would hope...A card-thru-card/torn and restored card routine!

In a story of how your latest pupil, in the art of magic, has created an effect where he can change matter, you demonstrate this as two cards are taken out of a deck. One is given to them, and you keep one. The cards are then folded width wise (yours) and length wise (theirs). You then slowly and very, very visually pass one card thru the other, however one card gets stuck and they see it impossibly (with no cover) pas right thru! Saying your pupil was not confident in their magic, you then begin to tear the card in little pieces...But all is well, since the BEST part of being a teacher is you know more than your pupils do and you just so happen to know how to put a card back together...And the BEST part it's TOTALLY and 100% EXAMINABLE!


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Teaching: This is the usual J.M. teaching. He goes into everything in great detail. It is really easy to follow and he talks about all the needed subtleties to make the trick work.

Quality: The quality of the video isn’t really that amazing. Since the camera is on auto-focus there are a couple of times where the footage becomes blurry and some of the cuts from one shot to another are kind of weird. But that shouldn’t stop the viewer from learning the effect because J.M. is really a fantastic teacher.

Practicality/Impact: This effect really is fantastic in regard to both its practicality and its impact. It does require a very simple gimmick but that should not put you off. The gimmick takes about 1-2 minutes to set up and by the end of the effect everything is clean. It also must be said that this effect has gotten me some great reactions. I think its because the disappointment of the card being torn up and then the astonishment of it being restored. It puts them audience of balance.  - KtazEman Forum Review