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The Force - By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Justin presented this piece in his 2007 lecture tour and he ended with it at every fried EVERY SINGLE MAGICIAN--EVERYTIME!

Effect: a card is SERIOUSLY FREELY SELECTED..your BACK IS TURNED WHEN THE SELECTION GOES BACK INT THE PACK THATS ON THE TABLE---HANDS OFF! You cleanly and very very FAIRLY shuffle the deck many times. THEY CHOOSE WHAT CARDS TO KEEP AND GET RID OF (NO FORCE..WHAT THEY WANT THEY GET..WHAT THEY DONT THEY THROW AWAY. Then when about 10 to 15 cards are spread them out on the table face down and hover your hands above the cards with their hands on top of card from the middle of the spread begins to lift up and hovers in the spread then you ask them what their card was...when they name it the card turns itself face up in mid air to reveal it is in fact their selection....

wheww! Justin does not have a demo of this effect hence the long description..but it plays EXACTLY how it reads....

There are two items needed for this effect... It's very likely that you already own them so we have not built them into the price of the download, however, both are easily bought on the site for under £14 hence why its only £3.99


Instant Video download 65MB