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Mental By Justin Miller - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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MENTAL is a selection of original card magic tricks and sleight of hand moves by Justin Miller that define out of the box thinking. This is visual hard hitting card magic at its best!

Justin Miller Presents J To A - J to A stands for Jokers to Aces, that is exactly what this is! 4 Jokers visually turn into 4 Aces!

Justin Miller Mercury Rising - A selection is made from a deck of playing cards and lost again. The 4 aces are used to try to discover what the selected playing card was. One of the aces turns face up to determine what the suit and colour of the selection was. First hit. The ace then VISUALLY morphs into the selection! The other 3 aces are then turned over to show they have impossibly turned into the mates of the selection!

Justin Miller Boxing Kind - Any four of a kind is named and removed from the deck of playing cards by the spectator. These playing cards are shuffled and the spectator is asked to remember just one of them. The playing cards are put inside the box and the spectator holds onto the box for safe keeping... you never touch the box again. You remove 4 random cards from the deck in order to find out what the selection was. You correctly determine the suit and the color, then instantly the four cards turn into three! When they are shown the 3 playing cards are the mates of the selection. The spectator is instructed to look inside the box, the ONLY card remaining is the freely thought of playing card!!

Justin Millers - Blur-Transpo -The 4 aces are removed from the deck of playing cards and laid under the box. A playing card is then selected and signed and placed down aside the aces.Within a split second the cards switch places! You offer to show your spectators this miracle again and this time you place the selected card under their hand, again under these test conditions the cards switch places!

Justin Miller - Selected Abyss - A playing card is chosen and committed to memory. One card shoots out from the deck and lands in your waiting hand, however it is not the correct card. This card is then spun in the air where it seperates into two cards, the value of these two cards are totaled and they make up the value of the selection. The two cards then merge together to turn into the selection! As if that is not enough the selection then changes into the four ACES and as quick as you can say 'what the?' they turn back into just one card, the selection!For a short routine there is a HUGE amount of magic!


Justin Miller - The Darkness Control - A sleight of hand move so fooling and deceptive you won't believe it is possible, but it is!!

Justin Miller - Quantum - A pair of mates from a deck of playing cards are left out-jogged from the deck. A signed playing card,hovering above the deck, in a flash switches places with the pair, only to end in a cosmic battle between good and evil! (Not really, but it sounds way cooler than, "yea they change places, then the signed card morphs into the two mates".)

Justin Miller - Limitless -   The playing cards are removed from their box and the box is handed to the spectator who holds onto it. The spectator then chooses ANY four of a kind for example we will say they chose the 4 nines. Without using the deck the four nines visually and impossibly morph into the 4 aces! That is not all, a freely thought of ace then disappears from the cards and reappears inside the previously empty card box

Justin Miller - King-Yahoo - A selected and signed card  is lost in the pack and the 4 kings ar chosen to find the card. They choose either the black or red kings. The other 2 are placed into their hands. A mental picture is taken with the remaining kings and  the signed card appears in-between them. But just as fast as it appeared, it vanishes and the other 2 kings that were in their hand now reside in yours. When they open their hands for the first time their signed card is found.

Justin Miller - Speechless - Using a shiffled and borrowed deck of playing cards you create for your spectators with a weird and unforgettable experience that will leave them speechless!

PLUS you will learn these sleights Justin Millercreated.

  • The silky change
  • abyss change
  • vibration switch
  • The Darkness Control


This instant video download lasts for OVER 3 HOURS! Buy this and start performing these card magic tricks TODAY!

Justin Miller says:

"Mental is a collection of 10 effects that I have been honing over the past 4yrs that are solid, visual, pieces of card magic that can be performed anytime, and anywhere! These are my GO TO effects when someone asks to see some magic. They are outside the box in thinking, presentation, and execution. They have been my bread and butter for quite sometime and I know they will be yours as well!" -JM-


"Mental is not for your average cardman. If you want some killer useable card effects then don't pass this up. Justin Miller has given us the expert teaching on his bread and butter "WORKERS". Quantum is my personal favorite, and selected Abyss will jump right into your walk around set. Mercury Rising is sublime and you can't miss with the twist and turns in Blur -Transpo" 9 out of 10! -Skott Hughes-